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Children's Book:
Crappy Crumbs!

In my self-conceived, illustrated, and written children's book story "Full of Crumbs!", the little snail Mona discovers her unique qualities while searching for her missing blackbird friend, Pipp. With charm and humor, the story tells how valuable it can be to be slow and just a little bit slimy. It highlights the idea that taking one's time allows for seeing and discovering so much more.


In collaboration with the agency hl-studios, I had the privilege of being part of the team behind the PLAYMOBIL app "Dino Rise." I was involved in conceiving the app and game system and held the main responsibility for all the texts present in the game, such as dialogues and story elements.

As my Bachelor's degree project, I spent a year working on my debut novel titled "Hide," which not only means "Versteck" (hide) in German but also refers to the Old English word for "Haut" (skin). In my novel, I explore the story of Addie, who suffers from prosopagnosia (face blindness) and breaks free from her isolation to find her best friend's murderer.

The book has not been published yet.

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