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Children's Book:
Crappy Crumps!

"Somehow, today is a fully crumby day! Mona's best friend, Pipp, has disappeared, even though the little blackbird promised her cake crumbs for breakfast!

Mona sets off into the forest. She really wants to help in the search for Pipp, but unfortunately, the little snail is just a bit slower, smaller, and slimier than the hare, the fox, and the bird...

But maybe... Maybe that's exactly what will help her solve her first case and be the first to find Pipp!


It's already quite late, but the little snail, Mona, is still fast asleep in Mrs. Else's flower bed. Normally, she is always awakened by Pipp! Where on earth is the little blackbird?

Usually, Mona's friend, Pipp, comes every morning and sits on her snail shell, giving three firm taps with his beak - tok, tok, tok - on her snail shell! Then, they enjoy the most delicious crumbs together and giggle when Mrs. Else scolds about the nibbled cake on her windowsill.

But today, Pipp hasn't shown up, and Mona only wakes up when the sun shines into her snail shell. Sleepily, she opens one eye and then the other, peering out from her snail shell.


She simply can't spot the blackbird anywhere...

... but she can hear something! From the depths of the forest, far beyond Mrs. Else's garden fence, she can hear loud rustling, fluttering, and grunting. Could this have something to do with Pipp?


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