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Illustrations of couples on the topic of "friendship."

"P.S. Here's a little time for you."

For a regional project (link below), I have explored the theme of "friendship."

In today's fast-paced world, everything seems to happen quickly - through WhatsApp, short voice notes, or brief phone calls when time is scarce.

It appears that we hardly need to invest time to maintain a friendship.

For me, the essence of a well-functioning relationship is being able to connect with the other person, giving them time, and truly listening. And where does that work best? At a desk, with plenty of time to read and think.

The girls in the illustration represent all the people who take time for others and do so gladly.

Here is the article about the project:

Unbenanntes_Projekt 150.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 151.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 151.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 150.jpg
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