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Dress Up Doll
Outfit 2

Elsa is a loving, gentle elephant lady with style and humor.

You can print her on sturdy paper (or get her printed) and then cut her out.

On my website, there are currently 2 outfits available! Print and cut them out to dress up Elsa. Alternatively, you can draw clothing and accessories for Elsa yourself and send me photos via email!


Elephant Outfit 2 - 3.JPG

Lade dir hier Elsas 

Outfit runter!

Elephant Outfit 2 - 2.JPG
Elephant - Printable 1.jpg

Lade dir hier die Anziehpuppe "Elsa" herunter, drucke und schneide sie aus

und bastle ihr tolle Kleidung!

Elephant Outfit 2 - Printable 1.jpg
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